Cruise Types

Luxury Cruise


Period on Li River: about 4hrs;

Itinerary: Guilin-Zhujiang Pier by bus, Zhujiang Pier-Yangshuo by cruise;

(check the map here)

Guide:  English language;

A/C: Yes;

Lunch offer: Healthy lunch with fruit and drink;

Ticket Price: 460CNY/adult, 315CNY/child(age≤12 and height≤1.3meter).

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Bamboo Boat


Period on Li River: around 2.5hrs;

Itinerary: Guilin-Yangdi by bus, Yangdi-Xingping by cruise, Xingping-Yangshuo by bus;

(check the map here)

Guide: Chinese and English languages;

A/C: No;

Lunch offer: No;

Ticket Price: 240CNY/adult

(kid who is less than 1.2 meter is not permitted to take bamboo cruise. Passenger with kids please book luxury cruise).

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